Welcome to Cintellis University!

The Cintellis University is unlike many other universities. It consists of a unique blend of Excel based tools and services focused around solving your day to day business problems or helping you to take that next step in your strategy implementation.

One thing you can absolutely be sure of: do not expect "yet another Excel training" session. We focus on applying Excel to solve real life challenges. The examples we use are the ones we've solved with our customers or you've requested us to discuss.

It goes without saying that the message will circulate better when knowing each other: Let us therefore introduce our free services and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about Excel you might ask. That way, you'll be able to evaluate yourself our service and expertise.

In-company coaching

Because a training only makes sense if it is fully tailored to your needs, it is important to understand your requirements before writing the "Menu" together. This is why we always propose to spend half a day together before the training takes place in order to evaluate the level of your employees and understand how Excel is used within your organization. Hence, we will perfectly be able to offer you a customized program that matches your expectations. This will also allow us to guide the people concerned and already share with them some useful tips and tricks.

Free online advanced Excel lessons

At Cintellis University, we aim at offering a breadth of views on how to use Excel more effectively. Lesson by lesson, we'll discover Excel hidden but more than useful features. As we'll focus on real cases and live examples, say goodbye to old-fashioned and far from your day to day life Excel tips and tricks.

Although we discuss high-level Excel features, it is not even essential to be an Excel expert already to understand them. We try to carefully explain every single bit while slowly increasing the difficulty. Still don't get everything? Let us know, it'll be our pleasure to clarify.

We cannot deny that the subject may sometimes be intellectually challenging. To try and ease the pain a bit, we've resorted to the device of introducing a tame imaginary skeptic, who will from time to time voice the reader's own objections or queries. You'll recognize him in the blue parts of the dialogues.

About Cintellis

Let us surprise you with how much more you can achieve by using Excel and VBA based products.

Are you looking for an on the level, reliable and trustworthy company that will surprise you with how much more you can achieve by using Excel and VBA based products? Learn more about our philosophy, products, services or contact us for more info.

You are not established in Belgium? That's not an issue: did you know that Cintellis provides remote services to customers located all over the world?

About Numis

Flexible, cheap and very short implementation time, discover Numis, our Excel based Cash Management and Management Accounting Software and experience a totally new way to analyse and report on your cash positions.

At Numis, we help you to get more out of your financial data than you thought possible. From enhanced reporting functionalities and detailed analysis to providing enterprise budgeting and forecasting solutions, we will help you to achieve your business objectives. When using Numis, you can share your analysis and strategy with your business partners, suppliers or employees as needed.

Numis is a product from Cintellis bvba & FS&P bvba.


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